Iraq and Ruin
a personal view
February, 2003

February 2006: This opinion was first published here in February 2003 before the U.S. and U.K. invaded of Iraq. The war continues three years later with the Allies in occupation, and each day seems to validate the views expressed before it all started.

For this reason, I have decided not to remove it even though events have progressed ...

I try to remain publicly silent about emotive world issues because we all have our own opinions on the pros and cons of each situation. Up until now I have resisted the urge to comment regarding the question of war between the United States (with Allies) and Iraq.

I am against violence and against war, so my opinion is unlikely to be a surprise to anyone. I do not know if there is ever a good enough reason for one country to go to war against another, but war should certainly never be considered as anything other than a last resort. Based on the evidence, there is not a good enough reason right now to attack Iraq.

The principles that the United States holds dear and the ideals that Americans continue to live and die for are truly a shining example to the world.

Despite this, the United States government seems determined to propel the world into war for what looks more and more like the annexation of the Iraqi oil fields.

The bullying and cajoling of smaller nations to add their support, together with recent vague and unsubstantiated hints of terrorist links, specifically designed to push the buttons of an American public still recovering from September 11, in my view, betrays the legacy of the great people who made the United States the true leader it should be today.

The rhetoric around the term ‘weapons of mass destruction’ and the threat to world peace is ridiculous. If we were really concerned about world peace and weapons of mass destruction, North Korea and Pakistan would be better targets, not to mention Israel – except that the first has nothing that the US government wants and the other two are currently friends of the American government.

Even the American President has admitted that Iraq is no threat to the US, except that they might at some point in the future harbor terrorists. No evidence has been presented that they ever had or ever will do this.

The argument has been made that biological and chemical weapons may be used against Iraqi opponents of Saddam Hussein. This may be true. It has apparently happened before, and the democratic world sat back and did nothing then.

The US President has stated many times that his military adventures are “just” and “to bring peace”. He has indicated that he is doing God’s work. Yeah, like God would ask him to kill and maim innocent civilians!

Killing is never just, it will not bring peace, and there is no God I know of that would require the strongest, most powerful nation in the world to attack civilians. If there is war, it will undoubtedly sow the seeds for a new generation of anti-American terrorists and serve to perpetuate the conflict.

We should learn from the never-ending conflict between Israel and Palestine, India and Pakistan. We don’t need a pissing contest. We don’t need an avenging zealot to remove the heathen enemy.

What we need, are clear-headed statesmen with resolve to find peaceful solutions.